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This is an edited version of a post that first appeared on the blog of The Fattest Fascist. It was originally written in the summer of 20

The "Feminist Revolution" is just the latest and most blatant manifestation of the "anti-male" movement. As long as men are treated as if they are incapable of deciding for themselves what is good for them, and as long as the state is allowed to impose its arbitrary, totalitarian values on men in the name of "family values," men will suffer. That's because the anti-male movement's primary goal is to strip away the rights, freedom, and responsibilities that men currently enjoy. And that's why it is so insidious, so pernicious, and so destructive. It works.

The anti-male movement is not just a movement of women. It is a movement of those who are in power - of politicians and corporate executives and Hollywood stars, of the "conservatives," the religious fundamentalists, the gun nut groups, the "war on women" proponents, the feminists. And it is a movement that is gaining strength, not only because it is gaining ground, but because the vast majority of the country is losing faith in what is good for men. In order for it to gain strength, it has to convince the most vocal, most successful, most powerful and most influential groups in our society that it is worth their time, energy, and money to do this work. That's the easy part. The harder part is getting the message across to the rest of the country. And that's where we are. This week, the conservative, pro-choice, anti-male movement, led by the Family Research Council, the National Organization for Marriage, and the American Enterprise Institute, announced its intent to "teach our daughters that men don't need to be the breadwinners for their families." This would mean teaching our daughters to be "honest with themselves, their families and their community." This is the type of "teaching" that would teach a girl how to be a woman. In addition, they will "teach our sons that men are responsible for their own lives and the choices they make for their families." In other words, to teach our boys to be responsible adults. If the idea was that we should just send the boys on their way to college without any instruction on how to be men, we would be doing something right. So why does it sound so evil that they're willing to teach our daughters about manliness? We know the answer. Because these men have spent decades trying to convince American women that it is okay to have sexual intercourse with anyone they please. To be a whore, to be a prostitute, to be a womanizer, and to even "be a slut." Now , we have a woman in the White House who wants to give away the future of our country to "the women and men who work here." What did the women of Columbia do? They told their daughters that they're not entitled to their own sexual rights. And that they're allowed to make their own choices as long as they're doing it the "right" way. And that it is our job to stop them from acting out and being "bad." And that "we" must teach them to be good, or to be a man. So you can see how it is that this is exactly what we are doing right now. When our president is telling young women, "If you want to get married and have children, you can do that, because it's not my job to judge," what he's doing is giving the word "sex" and "prostitution" their greatest and most dangerous weapon ever: If you think that's bad, I have an idea for you. Go to the movies, go to the beach, go to parties, and when you have sex, you need to be ready for a lot of things, but please don't go out with strangers.

We're not saying that you should always have a boyfriend who is willing to "do what she wants," but we are saying you should not have sex with someone who wants you to be a "prostitute" for a living. Our president is using the word "prostitution" as a weapon against the women of America, and it's time we put an end to the insanity that is the way it has been for years. I think we need to start telling women that it is not a good idea for them to be prostitutes and we should be putting an end to that. You want to know what women do in Columbia and elsewhere when they are "prostituting"? They go to college, they do volunteer work, they find other ways to get money for their "prostitute" job, and then, when they finally get out, they get married, and have children.

That's what prostitutes do in Columbia, Columbia! We believe that it is our duty as feminists to stand up for the dignity and the humanity of women, so we are going to make sure that when women are "prostituting," the public knows exactly what they are doing. We are going to fight against the stigma of being a prostitute, because if you know that prostitution is a big business and is run by people who want to keep their businesses, that means you are also part of the problem. The truth is that the public doesn't care about the women in Columbia.