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thai cupid app

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The following activities will be held at the event: * All activities are free of charge. * All are open to all, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or country of residence. * A separate $10 donation is required for all adult drinks (limit one drink per person). All attendees will be given a wristband to use to buy any alcoholic beverage. * A donation of $5 will be made to the Women's Health Center of Columbia. * It is important that everyone present be respectful and willing to assist the other participants and the facilitators during the event. All attendees are asked to be responsible for the personal safety of one another and the facilitators. The goal of the event is not to create any type of conflict or disturbance but to bring a relaxed atmosphere to a hot, hot, hot day. All participants must stay in one of the 4 designated areas to ensure the safety of everyone attending. A complete list of the event location is provided below. Please read the event description carefully. All questions and comments are welcome. For more information on this event, please email [email protected]

Event Description:

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